The history of BLUEBERRY



2021.10 Wireless charger Sterilizer wadiz Funding
2021.05 Released BI-DF1, Retro wireless desk fan
2020.08 2020 Korea Leading Company Grand Prize K-Brand Prize (Small household appliances category)
2020.06 Awared “KCA Home – Fashion Awards 2020”
Selected as a excellent venture company in Korea 2020
2020.05 Awared Technology Innovation part at Korea Innovation Awards
2020.01 [Overseas Exhibition] Participated in HOMI The Lifestyle Trade Fair in Milan, Italy in 2020
[Overseas Exhibition]Participated in the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), held in Las Vegas, USA
2019.12 Released BI-TS1, a UVC-LED Toothbrush Sterilizer
Released BI-HU01, a mini-humidifier
2019.11 [Overseas Exhibition] Participated in PLMA’s 2019 Private Label Int’l Trade Show (Chicago)
[Overseas Exhibition] Participated in the 94th China Electronics Fair
2019.10 [Overseas Exhibition] Participated in the G-FAIR KOREA 2019 (Korea Sourcing Fair in Mumbai)
2019.06 Launched BI-NF3, the Neckband Fan, on Shinsegae home shopping
2019.05 [Overseas Exhibition] Participated in the 2019 Vietnam International Premium Products Fair (VIPREMIUM)
2019.04 [Exhibition] Participated in “Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair in 2019”
Released 6 New Neckband Fans (BI-NF2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)
[Patent] Registered designs of 6 New Neckband Fans
[Patent] Registered patent (B) for Neckband Fans
2018.08 Launched Neckband Fans in 4 countries (USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand)
Entered into a contract with ‘SPICE’ in Japan as the sole distributor for Neckband Fans
2018.06 [Patent]Patent application for Neckband Fans in 5 countries (China, Japan, USA, Vietnam, and India)
Released BI-NF1, a neckband fan for hanging it around the neck
2018.05 [Brand] Launched ‘Blue idee’, the Blueberry’s own developed brand
[Patent] Registered designs of BI-NF1, a Neckband Fan
[Patent] Registered patent (A) of Neckband Fans
2018.03 Established the complete charge department for R&D in the Korea Industrial Technology Association



2017.11 Samg Animation Co., Ltd. – Development Partner
2017.10 [Patent] Registered a patent for manufacturing methods of cosmetic silicone puff
Incorporation transition into Blueberry Co., Ltd.
2016.08 Samsung C&T Corporation – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2016.01 LG Household & Health Care Ltd. – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2015.02 [Brand] Launched ‘UDIQUE’, the Blueberry’s own distribution brand
2014.10 Expanded and relocated Blueberry’s headquarters
2014.08 Kakao Friends – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2013.11 OCON Co., Ltd. – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2013.07 Line Friends – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2012.07 Iconix Co., Ltd. – Development Partner for ODM and OEM
2011.03 Acquired character licenses for Pororo and Hello Kitty
2010.08 [Patent] Registered a patent of UV-Lamp toothbrush head mini-sterilizer
Founded Blueberry

Comapany Name: BLUEBERRY CO.,LTD. CEO: Jeoung Kyu Park
Addres: 2303, 122, Jomaru-ro 385beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Contact: bruce@blueidee.co.kr

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